Philip Seifi

Nomad entrepreneur, angel investor, designer, hacker.
Cross-pollinating between industries and cultures.

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Accelerating the world's R&D. Backed by Village Global, Builders, Inovia, Jude Gomila, and the Technical Director of OpenAI.

Pona (closed due to COVID, 2020)

We coach home cooks into entrepreneurs, then market their one-of-a-kind cuisine. Backed by The Refiners.

Edulift Consulting

Make impact in edtech — We help startups turn pedagogical innovation into thriving businesses.

Bloodcount (exit, 2020)

Track all your blood test results in one place, and see the impact diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes have on your health.

LinguaLift  (exit, 2018)

LinguaLift guides you through an online language course structured so that you always know what to do next.

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The Entrepreneurial Lifecycle

How governments can nurture a vibrant and self-sustaining startup ecosystem.

Make the most of your PMF surveys with Python

Closing the feedback loop using Intercom, Typeform, Airtable, pandas, Plotly and Segment.

Optimal matching for marketplaces

Network-optimized matching for marketplace startups, and the role of bias.

AC remotes suck; let’s design one that doesn’t

How a simple air con remote can be improved through the design method.


Hacker Noon

My advice to entrepreneurs — look outside your comfort zone, and beyond the current zeitgeist.



I've mentored and evaluated startups at the UNDP,
Thought For Food, Asia Pacific Youth Exchange, Minerva Schools, the British Antarctic Survey and Techstars.

If you're an aspiring founder looking for advice, or would like to book me for training on product management and entrepreneurship, please don't hesitate to get in touch .